PS-Books is a platform that empowers and encourages individuals to meet their maximum potential through books and events. The aim of the platform is to support those who have suffered emotional distress through life events and burdens such as abuse, exploitation, family dysfunction, heart break, bereavement etc.  


Founder of PS-Books, Pamela Simwanza is a firm believer in finding ones purpose and fulfilling it. She teaches, encourages and promotes biblical principles that empower people through her books and events.


Pamela’s books are created to support emotional, mental and spiritual growth. She tackles some of our daily struggles with heart issues such as unforgiveness, lust, soul-ties, the power of the mind and discusses daily societal and cultural issues through her books and events.

Pamela understands that we all need a bit of help sometimes; she offers solutions and empowers individuals with the tools they need to reclaim their confidence and healing. Her personal challenges and experiences have made this platform relatable to many young adults and teenagers.

Pamela is a qualified social worker with experience with working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. Through her social work background she has supported people from all different backgrounds who have been impacted by tragedies, trauma and other major life events. As a result of her work and personal experiences, Pamela is very passionate about vulnerable people and an advocate for identity and healing. Not one to shy away from a change in life she currently works with young children dealing with family bereavement.


One of Pamela's life missions is to mentor and support people around emotional healing and discovering their identity alongside her books and events. Through her books, events and donations, she is able to support local charities and individuals financially and practically. 

Books and events discussing mental and emotional burdens + how to practically overcome them.  

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