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PS-Books has a vision that is wide in terms of its determination to expand across borders and spread the advice/themes and key messages highlighted within its books. I, Pamela strongly believe that a tower is only as good as its foundation and would love for you to be a part of its foundation as it strives to have an impact on people all over the world.  

You may have heard my testimony and may be familiar with the vision of this platform. The truth is, this vision was never for just one person but for the many people out in the world who feel discouraged, isolated and crippled by their life experiences. Your generous giving (money, time, resources, services, and prayers) will go a long way towards the projects PS-Books has for the future.  

PS-Books has had tremendous feedback. I want to not just keep the momentum but most of all the standard to an excellence of which it started from. With your support together we can keep the vision alive, do greater exploits and most of all reach a worldwide audience.

If you would like to support this platform through the giving of money, please click the paypal link below.  If you would like to support this platform through the giving of your time, resources, prayers and other, please send an email to to discuss how we can work together moving forward. I am excited about the future of this platform and want to say thank you for supporting the vision. 

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