Forgiveness is the key to unlock the cage you are trapped in. The feeling of resentment towards our offenders can alter our behaviours and affect our day to day lives. Although, forgiving others may seem like you are letting them get away with the sorrow they have caused you, are you aware of how damaging it is to you? 


This book has two sections; In the first section I share with you a personal story about an accusation that left me feeling broken and betrayed by the person I trusted. I was set free after eight years but at what cost? As I take you on a journey with me, I also share my most personal inner thoughts (about specific topics) with you through reflective accounts. 


The second section of this book discusses key lessons with the use of research, theory and practical steps. Knowledge about these key lessons should encourage you to forgive your offenders wholeheartedly.  


The combination of my personal story and key lessons should give you a refreshing awareness about forgiveness.  



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