Good evening lovely Pamela, i just want to thank God for your life and how far you've come. Started your book today and finished today i just couldn't put it down it blessed me, convicted me and empowered me in soo many  ways.
I loved the wisdom nuggets you shared. The lessons. The boldness and courage i felt the story with you i related so much to it. i was just so so blessed. God knows.
I've read books but  this one leaves a unique mark. God bless you more and more.


Founder of Empowered United

Women Ministry

Your book is absolutely amazing. I'm on my third read through of it since you gave it to me & each time something new is revealed, something new is highlghted and It gets me so excited to know that the same is happening for others. 


You have helped make the understanding that "there is strength in vulnerablity/" more real.  Because as you open up & we are being changed we can see the impact .


Thank you for the reminder that our stories are never ours. They are for a reason. The reminder that even though it may be scary at first, its needed and God's love covers.

Camilla Mukungu

Founder of Camilla Speaks 

There is so much that can be said about the power of this book. The transparent, easy  to read and relatable writing and story telling makes this a book you wont put down. 


Filled with wisdom on each page this book will challenge you to look at your heart and its condition; and deal with the deepest, ugliest scars that you might not have looked at in a while. 


One of the best reads of my year, from an authentic and loving writer!

Courtney Daniella 

Founder of CD Beauty

Hmmmmm sis this book is fire. I mean, everything you said was soo honest. I couldn't stop reading lol i read this book in 2 days straight.


Well done on pouring your heart on this book. You have come a long way and this book proves it. 

Hope that people can be inspired by your true story. So sad i cant make it for the book launch but i will be there in spirit. God Bless.

Sonia Appiah

NHS District Nurse 

Pamelaaaa... let me start by saying I LOVE YOU, God bless you for accepting the call on your life to write this book! The transparency, clarity and honesty in your writing is remarkable. My favourite chapters are 16 and 17!


You really took us on a journey and in some sense, i even feel closer to you by reading If I Had Known. Thank you for including the prayer at the end, it really helped me.


Please continue in your craft, God is using you and this book is the start of many more gems to come. Love, Gloria

Gloria Kasai

Certified Life Coach

You need to read this book.


Upon reading the blurb, I wondered if I am already too much of a forgiving person to *need* this book, I wondered whether it could tell me anything I didn’t already know. Nevertheless, I opened it up to give it a chance - I couldn’t put it down!!! I read the entire thing in one sitting. We have all experienced something, whether minor or major, that requires forgiving.


This books breaks down the act through a personal journey. Not only was the text wonderfully written, the writer was exceptional in inviting us into her world. She was genuine, honest and vulnerable at times. Her insights and reflections leave you thinking about your own journey on almost every page.

The concept of discussing an act such as forgiveness through the telling of your own personal testimony is beautiful and impactful.

I can safely say this book prompted me to think about my own forgiveness journey and highlighted areas in my own life that need attention.

If you enjoy reading others stories and reflecting upon your own experiences - this is the perfect book! Highly recommend to all.


Amazon Customer 

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